Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from Vaca!!

Our 9 day vacation with family in North Carolina is officially over, we drove in our driveway this morning about 7:00a.m. from driving the 12 hour trip. I'm exhausted and I know Mr. is too. We all have been cranky but we have one thing to be thankful for, the vacation went awesome!! We stayed with our cousins who have 2 small girls 6 and 8,(Kyla is 7). Also my other cousins came down from Boston and our staying the month, they also have two wee ones 3 and 5. We had a blast!!
I got to do some shopping but didn't find anything great to blog about. We stopped at the town arts and crafts on the green where i picked up a handmade necklace and dish with starfish, its actually a butter dish but I loved it for my rings and earring that I wear every day. Some funny and idiotic things happened also. First night Mr. decided to go get a couple drinks with my cousin and he woke my up at 1 am to tell me he accidentally walked straight off the boat dock. He got a few scrapes on his hand but is fine, except his blackberry is now broken, so since he gets more important calls than me, I gave him my phone and took my sim card out. When my cousin Kelly came from Boston she brought me her old razor she doesn't use anymore, well I figured that would help for now except after a couple days, we were on the boat and I was moving up to the front and I quickly stuck my phone in the waist of my bathing suit. Lets just say I forgot it was there and swam in the cape fear river for about an hour!! So i am officially out of a phone and have been spending all night looking for one. Wish me luck!! Here are some pics of the past week in Southport, NC.