Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IT's A GIRL !!

We found out over a couple weeks ago the exciting news we are having another girl!! Now my husband knows it was destined to be surrounded by girls FOREVER!! His words after the nurse told us at the ultrasound is "we can always have a third try"...Is he crazy I haven't popped this one out yet!!.
A lot has happened in the month of April, after finding out we were having a girl my the Mr.Prep was offered a great job in Massachussetts(I might of spelt that wrong), so here we are 26 weeks pregnant buying a house 2 hours away and moving in a month.... stressful has not begun to describe how i feel. Things are moving along pretty well so far, we found a great cape and our offer has been excepted now just the logistics of it all needs to work out. Miss.Prep is very excited to move especially since the town we are moving too has family we are close to in age and have kids.
Its a new beginning in more ways than one..