Sunday, January 31, 2010

What to do with all these presents??

Little Miss K's bday party was today!! Shes turning 8 next week so we celebrated today with some friends from her class at the local Bowling alley. It was fun and went by fast and I highly recommend having a kids bday party at a Bowling Alley, it kept them occupied and happy. We came home and Kyla opened her presents, she was very excited as I would be too if I had a pile of presents to open. Only problem is that 1/2 of them she has and came with no Gift recipt. So what do I do with them? Donate? Bring them back to walmart/target. I think it should be mandatory to include any gift with a GC. Am I wrong or selfish ? I just dont want to be stuck with something she doesnt need but wants to replace with something she can use.
Well on the other hand here is a pic of the bday girl and her special day>

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Football, chili and snowy sunday !!

Let me start off by saying I am NOT a football fan ! Baseball,hockey, even nascar I can sit through but Football kills me. They stop and pause and review more than they play. I recently heard on Regis and Kelly there is an actual 11 minutes of play time that is showed and 44 minutes of replay or judgeing(if thats what you would call it), and a surprising 3 seconds of cheerleading show. Who cares you say! HA!! not me!! but with one comfy couch in our house and one flat screen tv in front of it I get stuck watching football today. Its ok my husband is enjoying it and im going to keep myself busy on the computer. After making a good chili recipe from Sandra Lee, and the snow starting here, I think I can start to relax.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Soo tired cant spell it write!! I made so many errors and tiny mistakes today, it made me think I took a silly pill...:0
I havent been getting sleep, thanks to the hubby snoring and on top of that im exhausted always!!

Well in my last post i announed I'm expecting, and after going to the Dr. we found out the due date August 6th!! Exciting we know one more detail, after another month we will know the sex. Pink or Blue seems to be the topic everyday, and I really cant wait till I can start baby shopping, it kills me to go in a store and not buy a cute outfit. All though I did here once its bad luck to buy the first thing for baby, at least before its born. Has anyone heard that before???

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Excuses, excuses!!

Let me start off by saying Im back!! I thought I was running out of time during the day to blog. But soon realized I need to make time for myself. So now that my 7 year old missy went off to second grade in September I decided I needed to keep myself busy. I started working back at the Gap which I did last year Part time and now Im a manager. After working in an office for the last 10 years, I am looking forward to chage. So far I love it!! and the discount :)
The holidays came and went now after New years I decided my resolution would be blogging. It might sound silly but it keeps me sane and love reading everyone elses blogs! Getting great ideas is something I look forward too.
Another big shocker for us after thanksgiving was finding out IM PREGNANT !!
Were very excited and hopefully after my Dr.'s appt on tuesday we will know if its a boy or a girl!! Promise more blogs to come soon !!