Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help!! looking for kids luggage

I'm looking for a suitcase for Kyla, something cute and durable. I always pack her things with ours but its always cramped. Anyy suggestions??? I found a cute set on potterybarn but want to see all my options before. Thanks

Monday, May 18, 2009

Crazy 8

Just found this cute website for kids clothes, very affordable and as I was thinking it looks a lot like gymboree, I checked out the company info and what to behold it's a sister co. for Gymboree. Check it out Crazy8.com. Thinking about ordering this outfit For Kyla, soooo cute!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hey big SAVER!!!

After a long mid-day soccer game which little K won 7-1 we went for a car ride to upstate CT and did some shopping. On the way home the MR. and I did some calculating and we saved well over 200 dollars. We bought K some well needed new clothes for summer from the Gap which was an extra 25% off sale items-- here are a few things I added to her wardrobe...

If you are ever in CT or live here and haven't checked out Evergreen Walk, I highly recommend it. Its a great family oriented outside shopping area. Tonight was a doggy day where they had events for family's and puppies, very cute! Check out the website for more info :

After getting little K done with and picking up few more things at Justice, which I can say I'm not so crazy about, the Mr. and I did some shopping for ourselves. I picked up a dress at jcrew for 19.99!! AND a cute outfit from J.Jill and Mr. bought some shorts from the gap. After having dinner at johnny rockets and cold stone ice cream we called it a day and head home. Mr. and I are about to watch 7 pounds, Ive heard some mixed reviews so looking forward to seeing it. That's all for now.
Oh and check out Maple syrup mustard from Stonewall kitchen, K says its absolutely amazing we had to buy a jar,(K never thinks any food besides pizza and pbj is amazing).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Wow I just realized how long it has been since my last post, and I have done a lot. recently finished my front porch project, which i will post tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great mothers Day! My husband and daughter spent the day together and it went perfectly. We went out to an early breakfast with my inlaws and gave my mother in law a 100 recipe gluten free cook book. After breakfast I opened my present which was a home-made popsicle jewlrey box. I love it !! and was so proud of little Kyla for makeing it for me. I also recieved a large Vera duffle bag which I have had on my wish list for awhile.
We then went for a ride to mini golf, lunch at a mexican bach front rest. with the bet daiquiris and fo a nice walk on the beach.
I hope everyone had a great mothers day !!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What to do for Mothers Day??

The day is approaching where we thank our Mothers for the job well done, and there non stop care and support in our lives. The picture above is My mother on my wedding day and her mother my grandma and K as the flower girl. This year I will not be able to see my mom, she has since moved to Palm Beach. I still wanted to surprise her with something special. After her always complaining that she does not have enough pictures of K, I decided to make a small photobook on shutterfly, of K and I. It came yesterday in the mail and I am so pleased with it, and after making a care package with some new summer clothes I picked out for her and with K's 6 cards she made, I am going to mail it today. My mother in-law on the other hand is very hard to please and usually picks out her own Christmas and birthday gifts, so I am still undecided on what to get her. Any suggestions?
For myself, the suggestions to my hubby and K are endless but this year have kept my lips sealed. I have a Pandora and troll bracelet, and usually every holiday my daughter picks one out to give to me. But this year I want something different I want a surprise, (Mr. does not read this blog so I am not giving any hints,). I looked online last night for some last minute rooms in Newport,RI and Block Island. The weather isn't that great in BI just yet, so Newport looks a little better, and i love Newport, which K has never been. I would love to pack the car up and stay for a night just walk around get Sunday brunch and relax with the family. But that idea is up to the Mr. Honestly cant see this happning this year. So it might just be our ritual of breakfast and maybe a day walking the beach, which would still be perfect for me. So any ideas ?? send them my way

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blog before Bed..

I realize I have not put up a new post in a couple days, so I decided before bed instead of watching my ritual Sunday night line up TV, I would go to bed early, so with my laptop in hand, I have a much needed update.
First off after I took out all my last year spring/summer clothes and picking out what I would still wear I decided to grab some more things for my wardrobe. I started off at Ann Taylor Loft, which I love and had a 30% coupon for final order. I bought this blue summer dress and blue embroidery shirt. Also picked up some things from Lands end like these bermuda shorts with the cute preppy tie belt, I bougt these in brown and khaki! Also at new york and co. a stripe shirt with capris, a loungs outfit.
Saturday cam my much needed project of sewing the outdoor pillows. Today here in CT was rainy but once it gets warmer I will take pics of the final project, with the rocking chairs, I am so proud of howthey came out.
This week ahead my next project is to do some indoor painting, our hallway is stark white with little finger print and I cringe everytime I see it, I am finaly going to get it over with so once it gets warmer I can moove to the gardening.

I almost forgot, yeaterday after spending half the day at the sewing machine the MR. came home from golfing, I went over a friends house for a girls movie night. We started off with Bride Wars which was good I give it a 5, then watched Yes Man with Jim Carey, who I am not a huge fan of, but honestly died with laughter, Its a must see.