Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lamo Giveaway!!!

Check out this awesome giveaway at I love her blog and you can enter to win 3 different types of lamps from bedroomfurniture.com
Check it out!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pack it up !!

So this week will be the busiest week we have had in the house since the wedding. Kyla's last day of first grade is tomorrow !! As excited as I am for her, we are also leaving Friday night to drive 11 hours to North Carolina. I'm in the midst of packing, choosing outfits and trying to get odds and ends done around the house!! On top of it my in laws are planning on taking a emergency trip to Portugal Wed. Mr.s grandmother is very ill and his parents need to be by her side right now. So I am helping them leave. I think all this running around and packing will be all worth it, when we are on vacation next week. SOOOO over due and looking forward to the beach...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Found the shoes!!

I had posted last week about how I am looking for new shoes. Well I found them! Only its at clarks.com and i would want to try them on first. Oh and there $90!!!. What do you think are they worth it??

Rock on my porch!!

I finally finished the front porch!! I am kicking myself for not taking a before picture, because you would not believe the transformation, but just imagine, dark cracked concrete floors, very large hedges that were about 5 feet high, and a old wooden bench. All I wanted to do was have some old rocking chairs, but once I started i couldn't stop!! I started off by buying the rocking chairs at A.C Moore and painted them black, I also took the old bench and painted the wood black. I then made cushions and pillows with outdoor fabric, I bought some flowers, and moved the boxwood's from the side of the house where they were over growing. Here is the final project!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Do you wanna laugh??

Tonight I went with Mr. and hubby to see the hangover. I have seen some very very funny movies but I definitely think this might be my second funniest movie ever seen. Its a must see if you need a good laugh, and good news is they are already in production for making a second. Also who doesn't want to see Bradley Cooper?

P.s. Everyone has different taste in humor, If you didnt like Wedding Crashers or sexual harsh humor this movie is not for you, Also its Rated R not a kids movie,(not that I think anyone would bring kids but when we were walking out we did see some kids maybe around 12 years old with there parents) the name of it is Hangover, be a parent!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I miss my Bella

I had to drop off my Bella this morning to the vet to get spayed and I really miss her!! I was home all day not feeling well and usually when I'm on the couch watching tv she crawls up next to me, I miss her. I know that spaying/neutering is a operation done everyday but I hope shes doing alright. I let her bring her favorite toy her squeaker, I will let you know how she is when I pick her up tomorrow. :(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shoes !!

I need them desperatley, I have never been a huge shoe girl, even though I have a lot. I dont like high heelse and I dont like straps wrapped around my ankle, but that doesnt mean I wont wear them. Right now I need shoes that i want to wear. I could wear my black havianas every day of my life. I buy shoes, look at them, wear them once then they stay in the closet. I need a pair of shoes that I can wear through the summer, that will go with much of my wardrobe which I decided would have to be brown or gold. I started looking online, even though I refuse to buy shoes online anymore, everytime I do its a waste of money. I think: I'll wear them so what if there tight Im not sending them back. But it would be better for me to pay the shipping charges then not get the money back for a pair of shoes I will never wear!!!
I need some ideas please help!!

Putting a little prep in my Pillow

After showing my new bedroom, and looking at the pictures I decided no more waiting, I needed to finish up my blah bed. So i went to the fabric store bought some fabric buttons and ribbon, and above is how they turned out. Here are some close pics you can the anchor buttons I chose for the white pillow to give it some more style.

So what do you think ??? Did I go over board with the ribbons and bows? Mr. said he likes it but i think he would say that no matter what I put on the bed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My master bedroom masterpiece !

This past 2 weeks I have been working on our master bedroom, I did not take before pictures but just imagine old dark wood furniture, a cramped room and stark white walls, includeing my out of place Waverly duvet. Mr and I decided to start by looking for a new bed, but that turned into a complete makeover. Our room is small as it is so we didnt want a lot of furniture, but we have a lot of clothes between the two of us, so we needed the storage space. Here are the pics after a long weekend of moving in the furniture and putting the room together.
The color of the walls are sequin by Shermin Williams
The bed was bought from my Uncle it was in need of some repair and it was a light colored wood, I painted it black.
I used all white sheets with a white duvet cover and boutht the colored duvet cover from Pottery Barn and used it to cover my old Waverly duvet.

I put a rug under the bed over the hardwood floors

My inspiration for the room was the guest bedroom from the HGTV Dream home in Sonoma, CA

Here are more pics, you can see the duvet in close up, also the tab curtains i bought really cheap at Target, but cut off the tabs and used the rings instead.

The nightsand and dresser we bought at a discount furniture store.

Things Im looking for are:
mirror for over the dresser
something for over the bed
trash can that does not look like a trash can :)

Let me know if anyone has any ideas

Sunday, June 7, 2009

IM Still here !!

I can not believe I have not posted since the middle of May, I am such a bad blogger. Well as you can guess, Ive been very busy. Miss Kyla has had a birthday party every weekend including soccer and Mr. hubby's schedule changed at work for a week its just been very crazy.
Last Thursday my mother flew up from Palm Beach, I have not seen her since Feb. So it was a nice visit. I'm not going to lie, my mother and I do not get along that well. We but heads a lot and more than I would like to say we get in an argument where one or the other hangs up on the other person. We can go weeks with out talking but now since she has moved to Florida(last year), our relationship has improved. We spent the weekend being lazy and relaxing by the pool, we made some good food and Miss Kyla has her last soccer game. Kyla also won a medal for Most smiley on the field.!! I very proud of her, her team was undefeated.
Well anyway not to get off track but the biggest reason why I had to make a post was were going on our annual summer vacation in 3 weeks, and as excited as I am, I'm trying to get all the outfits mentally ready before packing day. I have come up with some good outfits too, but my biggest problem is a purse!! I bought a new one in April but already hate it! i go through bags fast but I just cant find anything anywhere that I like. I dint want anything too small or bulky. I need some fresh ideas and help. Please let me know what you have in mind for a summer bag. Thanks