Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Baby is 1 month old!!

I know its easy to say I cant believe it but I cant believe it!! Time flies, I know I have a 8 year old who thinks shes 13!! Karina has been making more noises, cooing and smiling more. Which is great when I video-talk to my Mom in Florida. My only complaint is the lack of sleep and things I have not been able to accomplish in the last month. I HATE sitting around and not getting things done, and when you have and infant that nurses every 2 hours, its hard to eat breakfast. So recently I have figured out the method, when she naps I have to run around like a crazy woman and get things done. CRAZY!!
Kyla started 3rd grade wed. The other moms on the block have been so kind to carpool while I'm home with Karina, cause honestly I don't know how I would get out the door in the morning. I do not remember it being this hard the first time. Every day is an adventure in this house, lets see what today leads. !!