Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blog before Bed..

I realize I have not put up a new post in a couple days, so I decided before bed instead of watching my ritual Sunday night line up TV, I would go to bed early, so with my laptop in hand, I have a much needed update.
First off after I took out all my last year spring/summer clothes and picking out what I would still wear I decided to grab some more things for my wardrobe. I started off at Ann Taylor Loft, which I love and had a 30% coupon for final order. I bought this blue summer dress and blue embroidery shirt. Also picked up some things from Lands end like these bermuda shorts with the cute preppy tie belt, I bougt these in brown and khaki! Also at new york and co. a stripe shirt with capris, a loungs outfit.
Saturday cam my much needed project of sewing the outdoor pillows. Today here in CT was rainy but once it gets warmer I will take pics of the final project, with the rocking chairs, I am so proud of howthey came out.
This week ahead my next project is to do some indoor painting, our hallway is stark white with little finger print and I cringe everytime I see it, I am finaly going to get it over with so once it gets warmer I can moove to the gardening.

I almost forgot, yeaterday after spending half the day at the sewing machine the MR. came home from golfing, I went over a friends house for a girls movie night. We started off with Bride Wars which was good I give it a 5, then watched Yes Man with Jim Carey, who I am not a huge fan of, but honestly died with laughter, Its a must see.

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