Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sring is HERE !!

I cant tell you how excited I am to see flowers budding and my sandals on my feet. Even though the weather here in CT has been in the 50's and my feet have been freezing I dont care bring on the sunshine!! I'm now 21 weeks pregnant and have been feeling the little peanut squirm more and more every day. Which also mean no sleep and more bathroom breaks. I have also been in Planning mode. What kind of crib to stroller to theme to all the decor I can think of. I would love some ideas if anyone has any. Over the weekend we took a trip up to the cape which was beautiful weather, and we picked up a few blue and yellow painted sea accents for the babies room. The Mr. has already decided its going to be a boy and that were doing the room in a nautical theme. I'm not sure if this is going to work or not. Please send me any ideas if you have any. Also I have been looking at strollers anyone no anything about the Uppa Baby strollers??

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  1. We got the Uppababy Vista as a shower gift and though the baby isn't here yet (due April 30th!) I absolutely love it already. It was a snap to put together, and it's SO stylish and easy to push. We have walked it around the neighborhood to get the dog used to it and we love love love it! I can only hope we love it more once the little one gets here :) Hope everything goes smoothly with your pregnancy!