Sunday, January 31, 2010

What to do with all these presents??

Little Miss K's bday party was today!! Shes turning 8 next week so we celebrated today with some friends from her class at the local Bowling alley. It was fun and went by fast and I highly recommend having a kids bday party at a Bowling Alley, it kept them occupied and happy. We came home and Kyla opened her presents, she was very excited as I would be too if I had a pile of presents to open. Only problem is that 1/2 of them she has and came with no Gift recipt. So what do I do with them? Donate? Bring them back to walmart/target. I think it should be mandatory to include any gift with a GC. Am I wrong or selfish ? I just dont want to be stuck with something she doesnt need but wants to replace with something she can use.
Well on the other hand here is a pic of the bday girl and her special day>

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