Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Soo tired cant spell it write!! I made so many errors and tiny mistakes today, it made me think I took a silly pill...:0
I havent been getting sleep, thanks to the hubby snoring and on top of that im exhausted always!!

Well in my last post i announed I'm expecting, and after going to the Dr. we found out the due date August 6th!! Exciting we know one more detail, after another month we will know the sex. Pink or Blue seems to be the topic everyday, and I really cant wait till I can start baby shopping, it kills me to go in a store and not buy a cute outfit. All though I did here once its bad luck to buy the first thing for baby, at least before its born. Has anyone heard that before???


  1. Congratulations! I love the due date of August 6th, my birthday is September 6th, and my husband proposed to me on August 6th, so 6 is my *lucky* number! We are expecting our first on April 30th, and it's so exciting!! Hope you're feeling good!