Monday, June 22, 2009

Pack it up !!

So this week will be the busiest week we have had in the house since the wedding. Kyla's last day of first grade is tomorrow !! As excited as I am for her, we are also leaving Friday night to drive 11 hours to North Carolina. I'm in the midst of packing, choosing outfits and trying to get odds and ends done around the house!! On top of it my in laws are planning on taking a emergency trip to Portugal Wed. Mr.s grandmother is very ill and his parents need to be by her side right now. So I am helping them leave. I think all this running around and packing will be all worth it, when we are on vacation next week. SOOOO over due and looking forward to the beach...


  1. Yes, I always find packing up the family for vacation to be overwhelming also. I'm always EXHAUSTED on the first vaca day and the rest
    of the family is raring to go wondering why MOM is so tired?!?!? (LOL)

  2. Sounds like you are going to need a vacation!


  3. Just found your blog- it is lovely! Have a wonderful vacation :)