Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My master bedroom masterpiece !

This past 2 weeks I have been working on our master bedroom, I did not take before pictures but just imagine old dark wood furniture, a cramped room and stark white walls, includeing my out of place Waverly duvet. Mr and I decided to start by looking for a new bed, but that turned into a complete makeover. Our room is small as it is so we didnt want a lot of furniture, but we have a lot of clothes between the two of us, so we needed the storage space. Here are the pics after a long weekend of moving in the furniture and putting the room together.
The color of the walls are sequin by Shermin Williams
The bed was bought from my Uncle it was in need of some repair and it was a light colored wood, I painted it black.
I used all white sheets with a white duvet cover and boutht the colored duvet cover from Pottery Barn and used it to cover my old Waverly duvet.

I put a rug under the bed over the hardwood floors

My inspiration for the room was the guest bedroom from the HGTV Dream home in Sonoma, CA

Here are more pics, you can see the duvet in close up, also the tab curtains i bought really cheap at Target, but cut off the tabs and used the rings instead.

The nightsand and dresser we bought at a discount furniture store.

Things Im looking for are:
mirror for over the dresser
something for over the bed
trash can that does not look like a trash can :)

Let me know if anyone has any ideas


  1. I LOVE THIS.... so fresh and pretty... just beautiful...!

  2. You can buy a plain mirror pane and mount it into a nice picture frame-possibilities are endless.