Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back from Boston

Well were settled in back from our weekend away in Boston. First off any blog readers that live in Boston, I am terribly jealous of you. Every time I visit the city I love it more and more and would move there in a heart beat. I told my husband I hope K goes to college in Boston so we can visit and maybe get an apt on the other side of the bridge. I love love love it there. First off we went to the house of blues, for a State Radio concert which was fun. Sunday we went to a Sox game which they won, and was exciting. Not my first time at fen way but every time i go i love it more, it is a small yet clean old stadium. I have been to the Mets and Yankees games and felt it was overcrowded and VeRy dirty. I don't know if because it was over crowded but it was not a great place to go to enjoy a game.

All though I did not get a chance to do any shopping, it was a nice stay in the hotel,(Renaissance Marriott hotel on Congress) we stayed on the 21st floor and had a great view. After talking it over with Mr. he agreed for us t go back Memorial day weekend with K. I'm excited and already planning the trip, she has never been so this will be exciting. We decided to stay in the same hotel since it was so nice, here is the view from the room --

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