Friday, April 17, 2009


As happy as I am that its Friday, I'm more happy about the weekend ahead. Tomorrow morning were heading out to Boston to see State radio live and a sox game Sunday. Im charging the camera and packing the bags. Besides myself the hubby and another couple are joining us. NO KIDDIES!! we haven't had a break or a day away in awhile so this is something to be excited about.

Its also K's last spring break day off that I can spend with her since she will be with her grandparents over the weekend. We are going to hit up Oldnavy for a bathing suit for her, I picked up this one last week but was the wrong size. Then tonight is K's soccer practice, which I enjoy going to cause I can read in the car for a good hour with peace and quiet.

Check out Gap/Banana's new site called Athleta. It's all sports wear, great skirts for golf and tennis. I'm excited to check out the whole site, here is just a peek at something I might have to order:

Check out the link in my Dress me up column


  1. That is an awesome shirt/dress. I'm short so I'd wear it as a dress. xoxo

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