Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hannah or Miley

After knowing I will be home all week with K for her spring break, I decided to bring her to see the new Hannah Montana movie. It was actually pretty good, for adults and kids, not to corny and good music. K and her best friend loved it and when we got home I could here them singing from K's playhouse.

FYI: when small children are sitting in a theater try not to sit directly in front of them, stadium seating or not, they have small bodies and its hard enough to keep there 40 pound bodies sitting in the chair without it folding on them, (we had to move 4 times)

On another note, I'm planning tomorrow to bring her to the Peabody Museum in the Yale neighborhood of New Haven. I remember going there when I was a little one with my mom, even though I was not into the dinosaurs I think K will love it. Any more ideas in the CT area let me know.

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